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LED Troffer Retrofit Webcast

Created 7/12/2013 by Levin Nock
Updated 7/13/2013 by Mark Rehley
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LED Retrofits for Troffers:   What are they?  Are they any good?  How do you find them?  Where can you use them?
Here is a Powerpoint Notes view of a 30-minute webcast that I delivered 7/11/2013 to the Northwest Trade Ally Network for Commercial and Industrial Lighting.  I'll add a link when a recording of the webcast is available.
Posted By: Levin Nock 07/12/13 on 12:38 PM (Pacific Time)

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Mark Rehley on 07/12/13 on 10:05 PM (Pacific Time)
Outstanding presentation Levin.  Covers the benefits and challenges very well.  Thank you for posting.

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