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Looking for 2019 Advisory Committee documents? These are now available on neea.org.

The purpose of the Regional Emerging Technology Advisory Committee (RETAC) is to provide NEEA with broad based advice, experience and feedback to increase the regional market availability of emerging technologies.  This feedback will be used to advise NEEA’s on this work to achieve the organization’s strategic goals, priorities and objectives for evaluating and promoting energy-efficient emerging technologies. In addition to assisting NEEA’s emerging technologies activities, the Committee is to provide regional visibility, advice on resource allocation, and feedback on emerging technologies that provide the highest benefit for the region. 
RETAC has worked to improve the level of regional collaboration around emerging technologies, an effort collectively known as “RETAC 2.0”. 

View a map of active RETAC projects around the region at  https://neea.org/ET

<--- Make sure to click on "Tutorials" to see and hear recorded demonstrations of important new "RETAC 2.0" functionality in Conduit! 

With these new features to Conduit you will be able to:

  1. Easily see what emerging tech products and projects are underway in our region by accessing the Emerging Technology Database. 
  2. Add your own products and projects to the database
  3. Open the door to more collaborative opportunities through increased visibility and sharing.

Committee Members 
K.R. Amarnath (Electric Power Research Institute)
Mike Bailey (Energy Trust of Oregon)
Todd Currier (WSU Extension Energy Program)
Suzanne Frew (Snohomish County PUD)
Fred Gordon (Energy Trust of Oregon)
Charlie Grist (Northwest Power and Conservation Council)
Rem Husted (Puget Sound Energy)
Marc Ledbetter (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Tom Lienhard (Avista)
Jennifer Light (Northwest Power and Conservation Council)
Jennifer McMaster (Bonneville Power Administration)
Keshmira McVey (Bonneville Power Administration)
Cheryn Metzger (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
John Owen (Seattle City Light)
Pete Pengilly (Idaho Power)
Travis Reeder (Eugene Water & Electric Board)
Edward Smalley (Seattle City Light)
Kevin Smit (Northwest Power and Conservation Council)
Mark Tuffo 
Jim White (Chelan County PUD)
Kathy Yi (Idaho Power)
Jack Zieger (Tacoma Power)

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Click on the links below for recorded demonstrations of important "RETAC 2.0" functionality in Conduit!


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