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The Commercial + Industrial Lighting Regional Strategic Market Plan provides a 10-year strategic view of the commercial and industrial lighting market, including common goals, near term strategies for making progress toward those goals, and roles for each of the region’s participating energy efficiency program operators. The purpose is to align the region on longer-term goals in specific markets, improve coordination in the region, and maximize cost-effective, long-term energy efficiency opportunities.

In 2015, and again in 2017, members of the NEEA Regional Portfolio Advisory Committee (RPAC), utility program leads and planners, NEEA, state energy offices, and market experts collaborated to develop and then update the Plan.

Strategy Planning and Implementation Groups are now working on putting the plan into action. Updates on individual strategies and actions identified in the plan can be found within the Resources section of this community.

C+I Lighting Plan Vision

Our customers choose quality, adaptable lighting that uses every kWh to its best advantage.


As a result of our collaboration, we maximize cost effective, long-term commercial and industrial lighting energy efficiency, opportunities, prevent conflicting overlap of roles and improve coordination in the NW.

View an overview the Plan, updated for 2018.


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