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The West Coast Utility Lighting Exchange (WCULT) convenes utility commercial lighting energy efficiency managers and staff from the Western U.S. and Canada to collectively improve our programs by benefiting from one another’s progress, primarily through:

  • Sharing current activities and lessons learned (e.g., program pilots, research results, QPL strategy)
  • Discussing ideas (e.g., new technologies, market interventions, program strategies, savings methodologies)
  • Collaborating (e.g. participate in or co-fund upcoming research/pilots, speaking as one voice, aligning data collection methods so results can be compared)
  • Learning (e.g. trends, emerging technologies, activities of research institutions, market actor perspectives)
  • Developing rapport (e.g. get to know our colleagues and their expertise, be comfortable reaching out between meetings)

We convene 2-3 times per year and engage in informal dialogue between meetings to share updates and solicit feedback/ideas from community members.

We often invite guests (e.g. research labs, consultants, DLC, and representatives from other functions within our organizations) to a portion of our meetings to expand our understanding and spark new ideas for lighting efficiency.

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