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NEEA operates on 5-year plans and is now preparing for the next cycle, beginning in 2020. NEEA’s Board of Directors is in the process of guiding the development of the Business  and Strategic Plans for the period 2020-2024.

After aligning on a strategic direction for NEEA’s 2020-24 business cycle, NEEA’s Board of Directors formally kicked off the Business Planning process at a workshop in May 2018.

Once the Board has created a first draft Business Plan and refined the draft Strategic Plan, it will be asking the region for input this fall. That broader input will be considered in the final drafts of the Business Plan and Strategic Plan, which are slated for review and approval at the Annual Board Meeting on December 4, 2018.

Stay up to date through this group about updates and opportunities to participate in the planning process. If you have further questions on strategic planning, please contact Susan Hermenet at shermenet@neea.org or for general questions on NEEA’s next business cycle, contact Jeremy Litow at jlitow@neea.org.

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