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Advanced Rooftop Controls (ARC) Verification Protocol

Created 6/6/2017 by Tyler Dillavou
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): Bonneville Power Administration
Primary: Mira Vowles 503-230-4796 mkvowles@bpa.gov
Project Objectives: The goal is to develop a standard protocol to verify site-based savings for advanced rooftop unit (RTU) control (ARC) retrofits, based on manufacturer variable frequency drive (VFD) data. This will streamline the acquisition of 1 aMW of ARC retrofits and lower the cost of the impact evaluation. This project will draft a standard protocol to verify ARC retrofit site-based savings using Catalyst controller data. The project will compare best practice (unit-level, true-power over one-year with daily baseline cycling, as reported in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) study) and four simplified savings methods, to determine a simplest-reliable method.
Current Project Phase: Completed
Current Project Status: Completed
Project Outcome: Not Specified
Notes on Project Outcome: There is a BPA Q UES measure and an RTF UES measure so the standard protocol is not necessary.
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