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RETAC Project

Very High Efficiency DOAS (VHEDOAS) pilot projects

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1/4/2016 - 7/15/2020
Created 5/2/2017 by Dave Kresta
Updated 7/17/2020 by Jeffrey Rigotti
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): NEEA
Primary: Jeff Rigotti - NEEA
Secondary: John Jennings - NEEA
Funding: NEEA, with utility incentives on some projects
Project Objectives:

1) Demonstration of feasibility and savings potential in different building types and climates. 
2) Energy modeling improvements for DOAS/HRV systems and development of design tools.

Current Project Phase: Completed
Current Project Status: All eight projects with technical reports are complete. The Very High Efficiency Dedicated Outdoor Air System Pilot Project Summary Report is now posted on BetterBricks.com. Findings from projects informed the VHE-DOAS System Requirements. Monitoring of two baseline heat pump projects is complete and data summary reports are finalized and available.
Project Outcome: Research Questions PROVEN
Notes on Project Outcome:

Pilot Project status:

  1. The upper office floor of a historic two-story mixed use building (retail below), in Portland, OR – complete, technical report and case study available
  2. A pizza restaurant in Corvallis, OR – complete, technical report and case study available
  3. An Oregon Fish & Wildlife district office in Corvallis, OR – complete, techncial report and case study available
  4. A utility district office in Libby, MT – complete,  technical report and case study available
  5. U.S. Forest Service dormitory complex at Trapper Creek (4 buildings) in Darby, MT – complete, technical report and case study available
  6. The third floor office space in a historic building in downtown Seattle, WA – complete, technical report and case study available
  7. The terminal building at King County International Airport (Boeing Field) in Seattle, WA – complete, technical report and case study avaialble
  8. A small restaurant in an historic building in NW Portland, OR – final report complete.


Additional Information
HRV's supplied by Ventacity Inc.  www.ventacity.com

Attached Files
Interested / Collaborative RETAC Organizations
BPA (with Flathead, Ravalli, Clark), Energy Trust of Oregon, Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light
Project Geography
97204, 98121, 59923, 59845, 97333, 97124, 98108
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