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UHD TV Test Procedure/Clip and ENERGY STAR Specification

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Created 9/26/2017 by Nick Leritz
Updated 7/12/2021 by Eric Olson
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): NEEA
Primary: Eric Olson
Secondary: Chris Wolgamott
Product Components
Ultra High Definition TVs
Project Objectives:
  1. Updated DOE TV Test Procedure and IEC test clip that 1. adequately address existing features such as Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) and Motion Detection Dimming (MDD) to prevent gaming of test results by manufactures; and 2. Incorporates emerging technology such as UHD, True and Upscaled High Dynamic Range, Increasing panel brightness, Stand-by power, Etc.
  2. Updated ENERGY STAR specification that address issues with ABC/MDD, addresses new energy consuming feartures such as UHD, and accounts for the DOE test procedure and IEC test clip updates.
  3. Conduct retail testing of up to 150+ televisions using updated draft test clips and draft test procedure; Use data analysis results to inform final test clip, final test procedure and future ENERGY STAR specification.
Current Project Phase: Active
Current Project Status: EPA released Draft 2 of ENERGY STAR v9 in April 2021 using test data developed by NEEA. Draft 2 streamlines testing based on NEEA's data and aligns testing with CTA-2037C standard for measuring TV energy. NEEA continues to work with industry stakeholders on the development and adoption of the CTA standard.

EPA will publish the final draft in July, the final spec in September, and be effective in June 2022.
Project Outcome: Not Specified
Notes on Project Outcome:
  • NEEA published a report in Nov 2016 on recommendations for updating the DOE test procedure and IEC Test clip
  • CTA, EPA and efficiency stakeholders are finalizing minor updates to the DOE test procedure (2018).
  • ENERGY STAR is finalized v8 Specification that is intended to addressed potential ABC and MDD test procedure gaming. 
  • DOE and EPA released joint report on repeatability of NEEA test method (2021).
Additional Information
  • Draft UHD IEC test clips are under review and testing by participants of the PT-100 workgroup
  • Once clips are deemed acceptable they will be presented to IEC for formal review and acceptance in Fall 2019
  • PT-100 committee members are starting discussions on formal revisions of the associated Test method.
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