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Advanced Water Heater systems
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Split-systems heat pump water heaters separate the heat pump from the water tank. These products offer a heat pump alternative for locations where the integral product doesn't fit. 

Contributing Org
NEEA (Geoff Wickes)
Market/Commercial Readiness
Level 3
Niche (commercially available in NW from 1 mfr through standard channels)
Product Performance
Level 3
Lab Validation (independent lab testing of features and savings)
Program Readiness
Level 4
Full-scale Pilots (performance at min. of 4, formal market study underway, well developed risk assessment)
Energy System(s)
Water Heating
Energy Subsystem(s)
Water Heaters
Building Type(s)
Cost and Savings
Unit Cost: Expensive currently
Savings Type: ElectricSavingsOnly
Elec. Unit Savings: 2200 kWh per year
Gas Unit Savings: N/A
Unit: N/A
Benefits and Regional Potential
Non-Energy Benefits: N/A
Elec. Potential: 354
Gas Potential: N/A
Explanation: N/A
EE or DR Benefit
Demand Management Capabilities
RTF Research Plan
RTF Sunset Date
Additional Information

VKIN - Product from China arrived at lab waiting for testing. NEEA soliciting funds to conduct the test. Test method to be similar to new DHP COP testing. 9/26/17

Product is available in the Northwest and North America in general. RTF issued a “Planning” status on the Tier 4 Sanden product but it is currently challenged by the cost effectiveness. NEEA staff plan to publish the Advanced Water Heater Specification qualified products list after the working group has a chance to review the reports.

The Sanden split-system CO2 water heater is now listed on the Advanced Water Heater qualified products list.

MT Program 2017

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