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Reducing Leaking Electricity to a Trickle

Created 7/13/2012 by Katrina Nash
Updated 7/13/2012 by Katrina Nash
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Dr. Meier's presentation, Reducing Leaking Electricity to a Trickle, at the 4th Pacific Coast Collaborative Symposium focused on three core issues: what is leaking electricity, why is it not important and why it is important.
Posted By: Katrina Nash 07/13/12 on 01:09 PM (Pacific Time)
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Maureen Murphy on 07/17/12 on 10:32 AM (Pacific Time)
It's great that ratepayers with smart meters can identify leaking electricity more easily. Utilities can then communicate more effectively with ratepayers about what behaviours/measures they can take to reduce the leak to a trickle. I'd love to hear from organizations that have had success in helping ratepayers use their smart meters in this way.

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