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NEEA-ASAP Standards Presentation 051012

Created 5/29/2012 by David Cohan
Updated 5/29/2012 by David Cohan
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Presentation describes the energy savings expected for both the country and our region from US DOE appliance and equipment standards.
Posted By: David Cohan 05/29/12 on 01:54 PM (Pacific Time)
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Mary E Smith on 06/18/12 on 06:29 PM (Pacific Time)
Hi David,
This is well-presented  reference material.  Thanks.
In the ASAP slides, p 23 ponts to  a sampling of products with "potential for utility programs'...given... 'long lag time between adoption and implementation '.      Are you aware of anywhere that specifically attempts to track actual high efficiency products available or coming into  the market today, but not to be covered by a standard until a date in the future?     Would be great to have a simplified, systematic way to  'alert' the efficiency community of the potential to accelerate early adoption -- through utility incentives or other mechanisms.  
Conversely,  Slide 21  lists products with likely 2012 stds due, and the likely  effective dates - to help utilities plan to exit the need for incentives in planning.
We all appreciate RTF efforts for tracking some of this information.   What do you think it would  take to pool regional resources to develop this 'early warning system' for new products/product introductions?


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