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EXP07 Preliminary Results - Nov 26 2019

Created 11/26/2019 by Christopher Dymond
Updated 11/26/2019 by Christopher Dymond
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PPT deck for webinar presented Nov 26th
Contains general description of EXP07 and the results from the first year of product testing by UL on behalf of NRCan and NEEA

Posted By: Christopher Dymond 11/26/19 on 11:05 AM (Pacific Time)
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Christopher Dymond on 11/26/19 on 11:05 AM (Pacific Time)
CSA EXP-07 is a test procedure that dramatically changes the performance ranking of many variable capacity heat pumps.  Will it be sufficient or should we focus on post installation validation of the whole system as a performance metric

- better lab metric?
- better installation verification?

What will serve the industry and utilities best?

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