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Heat Pump Water Heaters _ Market Research Synthesis

Created 9/6/2019 by Aaron Winer
Updated 9/6/2019 by Aaron Winer
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More than 400,000 new water heaters are installed in the Northwest region each year. While standard tank water heaters remain the dominant choice for most of these installations, the balance is shifting. Homeowner preference for lower energy consumption, cost reductions in new technology, incentive programs and new regulations are encouraging the purchase of energy efficient alternatives. Heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) represent one promising alternative, with strong electric options available in the market and gas HPWHs on the way.

However, despite favorable market conditions and technology, HPWH adoption has been underwhelming. In 2017, HPWHs accounted for only 8.5 percent of electric water heater installations in the NEEA region. Because electric water heaters represent only about 37 percent of annual installs in the region, the annual adoption of HPWHs for the water heater market as a whole is closer to 3 percent. Understanding current market dynamics, pivotal market actors and barriers to adoption can help accelerate the market share of electric HPWHs while informing the strategy for promotion of gas HPWHs, when available.

This report provides a synthesis of key findings and results from previously commissioned reports, including two water heater market characterization studies (2011 and 2018) and market progress evaluation reports of NEEA’s HPWH program from 2015 through 2018. Through a comparison of findings, this report aims to provide a broad understanding of the current state of the market as well as opportunities for intervention.
Posted By: Aaron Winer 09/06/19 on 07:05 AM (Pacific Time)
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