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CI Demand Response Pilot Evaluation

Created 9/30/2011 by Eric Brateng
Updated 9/30/2011 by Eric Brateng
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This report presents results for the impact and process evaluation of Puget Sound Energy’s(PSE’s) Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Demand Response (DR) Pilot. The information from the evaluation will be used by PSE for determining the cost-effectiveness of the program and forimproving program design if the pilot moves on to full implementation.The PSE C&I DR Pilot is a demand response program available to 25 qualifying PSE commercialand industrial electric service customers. PSE is partnering with EnerNOC, Inc., to implementthis program at PSE customer sites. During periods of high system demand, PSE can call acontrol event and participating customers respond by reducing their electric load on the system.In return, customers receive a financial incentive. Ten winter control events and nine summercontrol events have been called since the pilot started in February 2008.
Posted By: Eric Brateng 09/30/11 on 02:31 PM (Pacific Time)
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