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EFX19 Session: Demand Response Potential: Why it Matters to You

Created 5/16/2019 by Carol Lindstrom
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The session explored recent studies to quantify demand response potential among Northwest utilities and discusses how they have used and can use this information to inform demand-side management (DSM) program decisions. Studies include BPA’s 2018 Demand Response (DR) Potential Study, which quantified achievable DR and the associated costs in areas served with BPA firm power and energy. This study answer questions such as "How much does agricultural DR cost?" and "How much air conditioning DR is available?" The original study, and a follow-on analysis focused on bundling programs and segmenting certain types of industrial and agricultural DR, can be useful resources for utilities in their resource planning and DR program considerations. Utility panelists discussed efforts to assess DR potential, reasons for doing so and possible future plans and implications of their research. The Northwest Power and Conservation Council discussed implications from the regional planning perspective. Strategy/Policy; Non-sector Specific
Posted By: Carol Lindstrom 05/16/19 on 06:01 AM (Pacific Time)
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