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EFX16 Session: Non-Energy Benefits -- It's Time to Get Serious

Created 5/4/2016 by Carol Lindstrom
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Presentation and video from Efficiency Exchange 2016 Session. 

Non-Energy Benefits: It's Time to Get Serious

There are known non-energy benefits for many energy efficiency measures, however they are typically not included in cost-effectiveness tests. At a time when savings are decreasing, installed costs are rising, and avoided costs remain flat, some residential weatherization and HVAC measures are on the verge of not being cost effective. This session will cover the current practice of valuation of non-energy benefits throughout the U.S., a summary of literature on the topic, as well as highlight a methodology for valuing non-energy benefits such as health, comfort, noise reduction and safety. BPA will present their proposed research that will make the Northwest total resource cost test a balanced measure of cost effectiveness.
Moderator: Phillip Kelsven, BPA  
Panelists: Jennifer Light, Northwest Power and Conservation Council | Greg Clendenning, Nexus Market Research | Molly Podolefsky, Navigant

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Posted By: Carol Lindstrom 05/04/16 on 04:29 PM (Pacific Time)
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