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EFX16 Session: Pay For Performance

Created 5/4/2016 by Carol Lindstrom
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Presentation and video from Efficiency Exchange 2016 Session. 

Pay For Performance
Pay for performance is an evolving approach to incentivizing energy efficiency projects. Energy savings are identified and incentive payments are made based on whole-building analysis, ensuring the utility is paying only for delivered energy savings. This approach also allows for a mix of capital and behavior-oriented measures to be installed and incentivized. Hear how utilities are implementing pay-for-performance approaches and learn about the opportunities and challenges to this approach.
Moderator: Michael Little, Seattle City Light
Panelists: Stan Price, Northwest Energy Efficiency Council | Dave Rodenhizer, Seattle City Light | Amy Ellsworth, Cadmus | Sam Walker, Energy Trust of Oregon | George Pohndorf, Snohomish County PUD

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