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2011 Prelim SMI Characterization Study

Created 7/8/2011 by Sharon Peterson
Updated 7/8/2011 by Sharon Peterson
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Preliminary report of research commissioned to inform NEEA's efforts in the small- to medium-sized industrial (SMI) space. Note that as of July 1, 2011, NEEA has conflicting information on the number of SMI companies in the Northwest and is actively working to reconcile the information and provide a definitive number.
Posted By: Sharon Peterson 07/08/11 on 08:48 AM (Pacific Time)
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Comments (2)
Sharon Peterson on 07/08/11 on 10:48 AM (Pacific Time)
NEEA's Industrial Advisory Committee has been aware that NEEA commissioned this research. We would appreciate comments on:

1) Whether or not the information is reflective of your experience.
2) How or if your industrial programs would benefit from NEEA's work.
3) The one thing you would most like to see come from NEEA's work in SMI.
4) What you want NEEA to keep in mind in developing an approach to this space. (Note that, just as in food processing, NEEA intends to work upstream with Cluster Partners/industry groups as opposed to working directly with utilities' and Energy Trust's customers.
Sharon Peterson on 07/08/11 on 11:20 AM (Pacific Time)
Note that for purposes of this initiative, NEEA is defining SMI as manufacturing companies (companies that make something) with 249 or fewer employees. Our target is companies with 20-249 employees. Our hypothesis is that companies with 100 - 249 employees will be most receptive to this initiative. We know that this market space can be defined in many other ways, including $ size of electric bill or kWh used.
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