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First Midterm Field Study Report for CO2 Refrigerant Heat Pump Water Heaters

Created 2/5/2015 by Ken Eklund
Updated 2/5/2015 by Ken Eklund
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The research on split system, carbon dioxide refrigerant heat pump water heaters begun in the lab continued with installation and monitoring of four systems in the field at sites representative of the diverse climates in the Pacific Northwest.  This report covers performance from installation through March, 2014.
Posted By: Ken Eklund 02/05/15 on 02:08 PM (Pacific Time)

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Ken Eklund on 02/05/15 on 02:10 PM (Pacific Time)
The lab test documented a technology with very promising performance as a water heater, and BPA funded the field phase of the study.  The site criteria required a household of at least four people with an electric water heater and a billing history of at least three years.  The sites are Tacoma, Washington, Addy, Washington (near Spokane), Portland, Oregon, and in the foothills above Corvallis, Montana.  This report covers two to four months of cold weather performance depending on the date of installation.  The performance in the field confirms the lab research.  This report will be followed by a second midterm report in early 2015.

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