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Energy Code Market Assessment Results for Idaho

Created 6/27/2013 by Carrie Cobb
Updated 6/27/2013 by Carrie Cobb
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This report is the final report for a grant that the Idaho Code Collaborative received to develop a marketing plan. Findings included:

  1. Results indicate that most audiences perceive a higher cost than actual, and underestimate the willingness of homeowners to finance energy efficiency improvements. The majority of elected officials, building officials andarchitects perceive that the cost of building to the 2009 IECC vs. the 2006 IECC is higher than the actualadditional construction costs in Idaho of $873 for a 2,400 sq ft home (based on a study by BCAP). And, when homeowners were asked how much more they are willing to finance for a home that will save 15% on theirenergy bills (the estimated increase in efficiency between the 2006 and 2009 IECC), 79% responded that they are willing to finance $1,000
  1. 5,000.
  2. The majority of all audiences agree that it is somewhat or very easy for builders and architects to comply with the current energy code. The most common response from elected officials and building officials when asked for the most important reason builders should comply with energy codes is because it protects homeowners and ensures quality construction. When asked which component of the energy code is the most challenging with which to comply, the most common response was the addition of performance testing for envelope tightness and duct leakage. In general, compliance does not appear to be a significant issue based on survey results, but third-party compliance studies conducted in the field may be more effective in assessing this.

    Posted By: Carrie Cobb 06/27/13 on 10:20 PM (Pacific Time)

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    Carrie Cobb on 06/27/13 on 09:58 PM (Pacific Time)
    What do folks think about the disconnect on perceptions of cost, willingness to pay and what research shows is the cost?

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