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Conduit ED: Power Planning- The Syllabus

Created 4/13/2016 by Conduit ED
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The Northwest has a unique, complex power planning system with deep roots in the environment, shifts in the region’s economy and concern over an ever-growing population…. and to avoid warm beer and cold houses!

And, we are guessing that many of you don’t know exactly why we do it the way that we do it and how the power plans drive energy efficiency in the Northwest. The path to developing a regional power plan may seem as winding and circuitous as the rivers that power our homes and businesses.

Why do we develop a new power plan every five years?

Who was involved?

What lies ahead?

Find out May 5, when we launch the next Conduit ED series.

Through several articles, videos - and a peek into the secret cache of legendary Tom Eckman PowerPoints. - Conduit users will increase their knowledge of this process that is fundamental to energy efficiency in the region. 

We’re bringing this series to you in cooperation with the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, who has generously opened their archive, and provided in-person interviews with Tom Eckman, the (very soon to be former) director of the Council’s Power Planning Division. We’ve attempted to capture and pass along some his key takeaways after being a central figure in the Northwest’s power planning journey over the last 35 years.

Conduit ED is inspired by the idea that every energy efficiency professional working in the Northwest can be empowered by a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of energy efficiency. This web-based educational program provides the Conduit community a unique and interactive educational resource. 

Here is the Syllabus with links to each article:

Week 1: “Paying from a Single Wallet:” Setting the Stage for how and why the Power Act was Born

Week 2: Policymaking and Math: What goes into creating a Power Plan?

Week 3: Least Cost Planning: What is it, and why does it matter?

Week 4: Without a Crystal Ball: Planning for Uncertainty

Week 5: Goldilocks and the Six Plans: Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Northwest Power Planning Experience

Week 6: No warm beer and cold houses! What’s different about the Seventh Power Plan?

Week 7: Wrap-up and Survey


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Comments (1)
Summer Goodwin on 04/20/16 on 09:48 AM (Pacific Time)
I am very excited for this. Now everything will make more sense....well hopefully at least some of it. I am hoping it helps with the "why?" we do EE the way that we do it here in the Northwest.

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