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Heat pump water heater incentive listings

Created 5/18/2015 by Hot Water Solutions
Updated 5/18/2015 by Hot Water Solutions
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Many supply chain partners subscribe to EcoRebates’ utility incentive listing service. Recently, EcoRebates updated their heat pump water heater (HPWH) incentive listings with new Northern Climate Specification Qualified Tier 2/3 products. If you have a HPWH incentive, please take a moment to:
  • Verify that your incentives are included in EcoRebates’ listings by visiting a site like GeoSpring.com and entering a zip code in your territory
  • Confirm  Tier 1 and Tier 2/3 incentive requirement accuracy by checking the listing for a Tier 1 HPWH and a Tier 2/3 HPWH – Lowe’s.com has incentive listings for both Tier
  • Email any corrections to data@ecorebates.com
  • Make sure your utility website has information about your HPWH incentive – consumers viewing incentive listings online are generally given a link to the provider’s site to learn more


Last but not least, make sure Smart Water Heat knows about your incentive program! Check for your program on smartwaterheat.org/rebates. If you have a program or are thinking about starting one, Smart Water Heat can provide support. Contact us at info@smartwaterheat.org.

Smart Water Heat is an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), to learn more visit neea.org



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