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Small/Rural Utility EE Program Successes [Efficiency Exchange 2014]

Created 5/7/2014 by Melinda Eden
Updated 5/13/2014 by Ben Fowler
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About 40 people participated in a knowledge-sharing session Tuesday afternoon at the Efficiency Exchange 2014 conference in Kennewick, Washington, to discuss successes and challenges in implementing EE programs at small- and medium-sized utilities with service territories that span rural areas.  Participants hailed from utilities, BPA, ETO, and contractors/consultants. Highlights included:

  • Utility program implementers prefer EE measures that are simple and easy to administer, such as ductless heat pumps and windows.
  • Public utility folks requested that BPA not change its Implementation Manual more than once every year or two because it often takes longer for utilities to ramp up a program than sometimes is allowed before IM changes affect programs and confuse customers and contractors..
  • Even small/medium and rural utilities can have a positive impact by participating in Regional Technical Forum (RTF) meetings, which always are available via webinar.
  • Several Columbia Basin utilities hosted some RTF members in January 2014 to educate them about the realities on the ground of savings available from Scientific Irrigation Scheduling for agricultural irrigation.  Some RTF attendees at that meeting called the experience "eye-opening."

Other participants at the knowledge-sharing are invited to comment, edit, add, subtract and otherwise share their thoughts about the session.

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Comments (1)
Ben Fowler on 05/08/14 on 01:45 PM (Pacific Time)
Great notes. Thanks for sharing, Melinda!