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Sr. Engineer for Codes, Standards and New Construction

Created 6/23/2021 by Wyatt Hermanson
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Building energy codes and equipment standards provide the base which underlies a large part of all other energy savings estimated in the NW Power and Conservation Council’s 7th Power Plan. For a Sr. Engineer, success in this position requires a wide range of abilities:  Technical analysis of new technologies in both existing and new buildings, building energy codes development and implementation process, appliance and equipment rule-making process, strategy development, political acumen, project management, report writing and public presentations are all part of this wide-ranging job.

The incumbent will share our deep commitment to diversity and inclusion and advancing practices, strategies and policies that achieve equitable outcomes for all.

Salary range: $107,000 - $123,000 exempt

Could This Be Your Dream Job?

Are you interested in working for an organization with a national known reputation in advancing building energy efficiency in the region? Are you interested in an impactful and rewarding career focused on the integration of emerging technologies and NEEA’s market-changing programs with energy codes and standards for commercial and residential buildings? Are you interested in working for an organization where employees really do believe in the mission of the organization and help each other to achieve it?

If you answered yes to these questions please read on to learn more:

The Typical Day May Include…

  • Partnering with NEEA’s emerging technology group and market sectors to ensure that there is an explicit codes and standards strategy in their initiatives where appropriate.
  • Working with commercial and residential building industry stakeholders, including equipment manufacturers, to demonstrate advanced building technologies and practices, and to develop new general standards of practice.
  • Participating in codes and standards development processes at the state and national levels, including U.S. Department of Energy efficiency test procedure & standards rule-making processes and national model codes development. This work requires strategic policy thinking as well as technical analysis, and may involve multi-party, multi-state, and regional partnership work in developing new code change proposals, standards and test and rating procedures.
  • Working with NEEA contractors and other stakeholders to develop outreach and education programs for new codes and standards to ensure high compliance rates.
  • Collaborating with NEEA contractors and other stakeholders to develop field research, stakeholder outreach and education programs.

What Are You Good At?

  • Strategic policy thinking as well as technical analysis.
  • Experienced presenter in public and persuasive writing.
  • Effectively providing direction, guidance and coaching to others.
  • Keeping yourself organized and focused in an environment with many priorities and distractions.
  • Quickly learning and adopting new technologies.
  • Working easily with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

 You Likely Have the Following:

  • Collaborative and stakeholder engagement skills.
  • Strong work ethic and drive to get things finished.
  • Proven records of project management and execution.
  • Direct experience with design and construction of commercial and/or residential buildings, particularly mechanical systems.

Your Education, Experience, and Skills:

  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or other relevant engineering.
  • At least five years of experience in building design and energy efficiency industry.
  • Demonstrated expertise in both the technical and political aspects of codes, standards and the rule-making process including the U.S. DOE standards rule-making process.
  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of both the technical and political aspects of codes and standards rule-making process.
  • Demonstrated teamwork skills and proven ability to influence crow-functional teams without formal authority.
  • An equivalent combination of educations, experience and training that would provide the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the successful performance of the essential job duties.
To apply: https://neea.org/careers
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