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Conduit ED Site Updates Week 3: Forging ahead into new territories

Created 6/19/2019 by Conduit ED
Updated 11/20/2019 by Michele Francisco
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In last week’s article, we provided an overview of the three key functions of the Conduit site that will be maintained in their current state. This week, we share with you of some of the ways that Conduit will be adjusting, as well some of the functionality that will sunset or migrate to other platforms.

In case you missed last week’s article, you can check it out here.

While some functionality will remain on Conduit, other functionality and materials will migrate to neea.org.

The first function that will migrate to neea.org is the Advisory Committee resources and documents. These include packets, notes and slides that are used during each of NEEA’s Advisory Committees. All the information on NEEA’s Advisory Committees can now be found here on neea.org.

The second function that will migrate to neea.org is NEEA’s Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards informational page and nomination form. NEEA will continue to host the awards each year and believes that the Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award ceremony is an important way to recognize the outstanding work in energy efficiency that occurs throughout the region each year.

Lastly, in early 2019, NEEA launched its new neea.org portal, which is a password-protected section of the neea.org website that connects Advisory Committee members and other utility, Bonneville Power and Energy Trust staff to the NEEA resources they need all from one centralized location. The goal of the neea.org portal is to make it easier and faster to access NEEA information and tools. Learn more about the portal and how to sign up with this FAQ.


To ensure access to information about alliance and BPA work, we encourage you to visit the NEEA and BPA calendars, as well as subscribe to NEEA’S various communications through its subscriptions page and keep up with BPA’s Energy Efficiency Announcements page. Links to NEEA and BPA’s calendars will still exist on Conduit, so that you are able to easily access these webpages. However, the calendar functionality that exists on Conduit as it stands today will sunset.

Additionally, the ability to post jobs on the job board and events on the calendar will sunset, however, the site will still offer the capability to post articles and files. Even without the job board and events calendar, you can still post your event or job. Just select “creating an article” as you post your content. Don’t forget that Conduit users will retain the ability to share within groups or with other networks via the URL, and access to all previously posted content will remain available to access. To learn more, please visit our help page.

Once all the changes have been made to the Conduit website, we plan to discontinue our weekly newsletter as well. By shifting the website's focus toward a file-sharing platform, resources once used to create and distribute the weekly Conduit newsletter will be reallocated to other areas.

If you have any feedback about any of the above information, or have questions, please  contact info@neea.org. We ask that any feedback you may have is provided to us by August 15.

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