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Conduit ED Site Updates Week 2: Preserving the trails we've blazed

Created 6/19/2019 by Conduit ED
Updated 11/20/2019 by Michele Francisco
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In Week 1 of the series, we touched on the reasons as to why these changes will be occurring on Conduit. In case you missed it, you can get caught up on week one here.

Looking to the future, there were three major core functionalities and activities of Conduit identified as critical to regional market transformation efforts. These three major functions of the website were determined to have significant regional benefits and impacts if they were to be discontinued:

  • The Regional Emerging Technology Advisory Committee (RETAC) database
  • The Efficiency Exchange website
  • The file sharing functionality for regional working groups


Northwest energy efficiency organizations, utilities, laboratories and others are working together and pooling their resources as part of the Regional Emerging Technology Advisory Committee (RETAC) to identify and refine technologies that perform well and save energy for Northwest consumers, while decreasing risks for the region.

To optimize regional investment in energy-efficient technologies, RETAC launched a shared, regional emerging technology database in 2017. This database is hosted on Conduit and houses information about emerging technology products and projects, provides portfolio-level analysis and reporting, and facilitates collaboration. The database facilitates collaboration by giving each RETAC member better insight and visibility into emerging technology projects throughout the region. Additionally, the database allows the committee to track both project-specific research that is being conducted in the region as well as specific technology products that have the potential to evolve into viable energy efficiency opportunities over time.



Bonneville Power Administration and NEEA, in partnership with the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and utilities throughout the Northwest, hosted the seventh annual Efficiency Exchange conference in May 2019. Efficiency Exchange is the premier networking and learning conference for Northwest energy efficiency professionals. Attendees from public and private utilities, consulting and research firms, government and nonprofit organizations come together to learn and connect to help the region more effectively achieve its energy efficiency goals. The conference focuses on promoting innovation, discussing emerging trends and sharing new ideas on how energy efficiency programs can collaborate and adapt in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The Efficiency Exchange website is hosted on the Conduit platform and all conference session submissions are sent through a form on the Efficiency Exchange site. Although Conduit will not play a part in the conference itself, the Efficiency Exchange website will remain on Conduit and retain its current functionality.

Prior to Conduit’s creation, NEEA and BPA heard the need for increased regional information sharing, coordination and collaboration to help stakeholders meet their aggressive energy efficiency goals. To accommodate this need, NEEA and BPA launched Conduit in 2011. Since Conduit’s creation, the community has embraced and utilized the file sharing aspect of the site, making that functionality an important resource for the energy efficiency community in the Northwest. A large majority of the working groups on Conduit continue to depend on the ability to share working documents and rely on the version control that Conduit is able to provide. These groups will remain on Conduit to allow resource sharing to help foster regional collaboration.



The resources outlined above are a vital part of the Northwest energy efficiency community continuing its commitment to collaboration. Additionally, retaining the functionality of these resources is important in assisting with regional market transformation efforts. Stay tuned for next week’s article where we discuss more of the changes we’ll be making this fall on Conduit.

If you have any feedback about any of the above information, or have questions, please contact info@neea.org. We ask that any feedback you may have is provided to us by August 15.

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