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Conduit is changing. Here's why:

Created 5/8/2019 by Stephanie Lane
Updated 5/14/2019 by Stephanie Lane
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What's changing with Conduit?

During the development of NEEA's 2020-2024 Business Plan, NEEA's board grappled with some difficult budget trade off discussions to identify how to deliver the most value to the region at the most economical price point. One of these difficult trade off decisions was to discontinue Conduit’s online community aspects. To operationalize this, Conduit will be transitioning from its current state as an online community to a file sharing resource. While certain aspects of the site will be sunsetting in late 2019, the site structure and current file sharing functionality will remain the same. Additionally, core functionality and activities that have been identified as critical to regional market transformation efforts will continue to be supported via the site.

What qualifies as a core function that is staying on Conduit?

There were three major functions of Conduit that were determined to have significant regional benefits and impacts if they were to be discontinued. Those three functions are:

  • The Regional Emerging Technology Advisory Committee (RETAC) database
  • The Efficiency Exchange website
  • The file sharing functionality for regional working groups

What current Conduit functionality is sunsetting?

The online community building functions of the site will be either removed or adjusted to transform the site to a file sharing resource. These functions are as follows:

  • Weekly newsletters
  • Job postings
  • Event calendars (this will instead link to NEEA and BPA's respective calendars on their individual sites)
  • Featured content created by BPA and NEEA staff to drive engagement on the site
  • Advisory Committees (moved to NEEA's neea.org portal)
  • Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards (migrates to neea.org)

What documents should stay on Conduit vs. the neea.org portal?

Conduit will keep the file sharing elements intact that support co-creation and collaboration within workgroups. This includes leaving existing working groups and documents as they stand on the site, while maintaining the existing functionality to create and share files/documents. Advisory Committee documents such as packets, notes and recordings now live on neea.org.

What is the neea.org portal?

The neea.org portal is a password-protected landing page that connects advisory committee members and other utility, Bonneville Power and Energy Trust staff to the NEEA resources they need all from one centralized location. The goal of the neea.org portal is to make it easier and faster to access NEEA information and tools. Read the full portal FAQ on neea.org.

Why aren't all documents/groups staying in one place?

Many of the documents and files that exist on Conduit have version histories that support co-creation of documents or an ability for workgroup members to see the various versions of documents. This requires specific and technical website requirements that the region has already built into the Conduit site. Documents posted to neea.org are in a final state. To rebuild the versioning needs that Conduit provides would require robust platform buildout on neea.org, which did not align with the requirement to streamline costs.

Will I be able to access old files and articles that were posted on Conduit after the changes have been made?

Yes. All files, articles and documents that currently exist on Conduit will continue to be accessible, even after the online community features of the site have sunset.

How will the details of these changes be communicated to the region?

NEEA and BPA staff are currently working on the communication strategy to notify the region of the changes that they can expect to occur in late 2019. The communications will begin at Efficiency Exchange 2019 and continue throughout the summer and into the fall prior to any changes being made on the site.

How should I answer questions that may arise?

Please utilize this FAQ as needed. If needed, all questions regarding the changes can be directed to Stephanie Lane (slane@neea.org).

Need more information?

If you have more questions that weren’t covered above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Stephanie Lane (slane@neea.org) for more information. Additionally, the FAQ can be downloaded  here

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