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Congratulations to the 2018 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards Winners & Nominees!

Created 11/6/2018 by Tracy Paradis
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The Results are in!

Our judges have selected winners from all of the submissions for the Leadership in Energy Efficiency awards the region sent in on Conduit. Without further ado, let's announce our 2018 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award recipients! 

The Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Innovation: 
The Commercial + Industrial Lighting Regional Strategy Pricing Data User Group:

Christian Douglass (Ptarmigan Consulting), Debbie Driscoll (NEEA), Elaine Miller (NEEA), Harvey Mathews (NEEA), Jessica Aiona (BPA), Kenji Spielman (ETO), Mike Bailey (ETO), Tom Lienhard (Avista)
"In an increasingly data-driven world, programs often miss opportunities to leverage data to adjust strategies, drive uptake, and provide greater value to customers. From its inception in 2015, the C+I Lighting Regional Strategy Collaborative identified data as a top priority for regional collaboration. Within the broad topic area of data, the region prioritized pricing data as a top need.

In 2017, a data user group developed use cases, requirements and an approach to developing a lamp pricing data dashboard. The dashboard uses web scraping technology to collect LED lamp prices from three major distributors/retailers, with plans for expansion in the future. After a year of innovation and many, many hours of troubleshooting, the pricing data dashboard was released to the region in August 2018. Planners, program managers and implementers now have access to the raw data as well as an informative, interactive dashboard that can be used to explore and visualize the data. The new pricing data dashboard has been welcomed enthusiastically by program teams and is already being used to inform the region’s programs.”

The Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Collaboration: CTA 2045 Team:

Conrad Eustis (PGE), Geoff Wickes(NEEA), Tony Koch (BPA)
" A remarkable team from BPA, PGE, and NEEA combined forces to create a nationally significant, ground-breaking research project, displaying the best of collaboration and technology innovation for which the Pacific Northwest is known. The team has a vision of developing a cost effective, flexible resource using a new standardized communications port for electric water heaters. This communications port, called CTA2045, has support from DOE, other USA utilities, as well as the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). It uses signals to the appliance in order to meet the utility’s needs, which could include energy efficiency, congestion relief, flexible grid operations, and greater integration of renewables.

This project represents the best of collaboration, advancing a technology platform that directly addresses the challenge of using electric water heaters and heat pump water heaters in demand response programs – cost effectively. This collaboration and research is important for both demand response as well as our understanding of how to validate and increase energy savings from a new generation of ‘connected’ technologies that may save energy.”

Tom Eckman Leadership in Energy Efficiency Lifetime Achievement Award:

Mark Gosvener, Efficiency Services Group
"Mark Gosvener’s career in Energy Efficiency has spanned 35 years in developing, implementing, and managing energy efficiency and renewable energy programs through his work at Portland General Electric (PGE) and Efficiency Services Group (ESG). He has worked on many projects and programs, and has made contributions to the energy efficiency industry in the Northwest and beyond.

Among his many accomplishments, Mark has developed a suite of programs implemented on behalf of utilities. These include residential weatherization programs, multi-family direct install programs, water heater replacement programs, energy efficient lighting and appliance rebate programs, new construction programs, and a retrofit commissioning program, among others.

Mark’s work in energy efficiency, especially the impacts he has made in bringing energy efficiency programs to small public power utilities and hard-to-reach customers, has been felt not only in the Pacific Northwest, but throughout the Western United States. Without the programs Mark developed at ESG, many of these utilities would not have been able to provide energy efficiency services to their customers, so his work has had a direct impact on the lives of customers within these service territories. Mark is deserving of this award for his dedication and hard work spanning 35 years to increase energy efficiency in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.”

And, here's a big shout out to all of this year's nominees. It is an honor to be chosen by your colleagues for this recognition. On behalf of NEEA and the region, we thank you for your leadership in energy efficiency!

Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Innovation

  1. Duane Jonlin, City of Seattle
  2. Commercial + Industrial Lighting Regional Strategy Pricing Data User Group: 
    Debbie Driscoll, NEEA; Christian Douglass, Ptarmigan Consulting; Elaine Miller, NEEA; Harvey Mathews, NEEA; Jessica Aiona, BPA; Kenji Spielman, ETO; Mike Bailey, ETO; Tom Lienhard, Avista
  3. Michele Patterson, Mason PUD 3
  4. Mike McBee, Seattle Public Schools
  5. Tony Koch, Bonneville Power Administration

Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Collaboration

  1. Andy Eiden, Energy Trust of Oregon
  2. Commercial + Industrial Lighting Regional Strategy Customer Guidance Development Group:
    Bill Hibbs, Clark; Michael Lane, PSE; Nancy Goddard, Pacific Power; Shaun Darragh, Lighting Design Lab; Shelley Martin, Idaho Power; Stacy Blumberg, NEEA
  3. CTA 2015 Team: 
    Conrad Eustis, PGE; Geoff Wickes, NEEA; Tony Koch, BPA (3 nominations)
  4. Doug Dickson, Snohomish PUD
  5. Joe Fernandi, Seattle City Light
  6. Ken Baker, K Energy
  7. Keshmira McVey, Bonneville Power Administration

Tom Eckman Leadership in Energy Efficiency Lifetime Achievement Award

  1. Bob Pierce, Clearwater Power
  2. Charlie Grist, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
  3. Dale Horton, National Center for Appropriate Technology
  4. Frank Brown, Bonneville Power Administration 
  5. Jim Conlan, Snohomish PUD
  6. Ken Ecklund, Washington State University Energy Program
  7. Larry Blaufus, Clark PUD (2 nominations)
  8. Mark Gosvener, Efficiency Services Group
  9. Peter Meyer, Tacoma Power
  10. Ralph DiNola, New Buildings Institute

Award recipients will be recognized during the NEEA Board Annual Meeting on December 4th in Portland, OR.
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