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New Teacher-Designed School in Oregon is very Energy Efficient

Created 8/31/2018 by Boyd Wilson
Updated 8/31/2018 by Boyd Wilson
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The City of Milton-Freewater, OR has something to be very proud and joyful about and that is their new Gib Olinger Elementary School.  Due to slow economic growth in the city, there has not been a school built there in over 50 years.  The School Board obtained approval of a new school bond of $13 Million, the State of Oregon kicked in $4 million, and the local foundation invested $15 million.  The Milton Freewater Unified School District honored the gift to improve the teaching experience. The new school is named “Gib Olinger” because Mr. Olinger was a successful lumber wholesaler in Milton-Freewater. 

Official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new school

After Bond approval, the community was energized and the school was built on a fast-track completion time of 62 weeks.  The school was designed with the help of the school teachers who were interviewed by the architect to determine their classroom needs.  

A teacher as she moves in

The School Board and teachers also visited the other new schools in the Pendleton, College Place, and Tri-Cities to learn from others.  The Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC system surpasses the Oregon building code.  LED lighting, controls, and Smart thermostats will create a better learning environment.   

Their new energy-efficient school will allow the teachers and students to take pride in their new state-of-the-art school.  In attending the grand opening celebration, the smiles of the students and parents were evidence of the community being unified toward a common goal to develop a lasting investment in their future leaders! 

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