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The Long Conversation- EFX Panel Format Suggestion

Created 5/23/2018 by Brian Lynch
Updated 5/24/2018 by Carol Lindstrom
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Hi EFX peeps,

What a great couple of days last week. I was reflecting on the events while this interesting panel format popped up, that I think would make an excellent EFX session. The format is called “The Long Conversation” , and was brand new to me, have others experienced it? Its where, in lieu of an expert panel, you have the speakers in a conga line of sorts, consisting of separate but linked 10-15 minute interviews...the person in front of you interviews you, and you turn and interview the subsequent person. These series of interviews become the content of the session. Cool, huh?
Super interesting too when you combine experts of different fields! Here’s a better description of the format with a real example:

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Comments (1)
Carol Lindstrom on 05/24/18 on 09:14 AM (Pacific Time)
Thanks for the great suggestion, Brian. We will add it to our list of considerations for next year, but it will be even more impactful if you can also submit it as a session for EFX19. We open session submissions in late September ... watch your Conduit newsletter for more information later this year!

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