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The PTCS Program: Going Mobile & Removing a Document Requirement!

Created 3/28/2018 by Maitri Dirmeyer
Updated 3/29/2018 by Amy Burke
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The Residential HVAC PTCS Program has made efforts to streamline its program and reduce some administrative burden on our contractors.

  1. The PTCS Online Registry was optimized for use on mobile devices with internet access. The Online Registry is a tracking tool technicians and utilities use to verify completed work meets program specifications. The goal of enabling data entry on mobile devices in real time was to reduce the administrative paperwork burden on Contractor staff. Log-in credentials, look and feel, and built-in verifications will remain the same. There is no need to download an app or new software. Offline entry access is a future goal.
    • No access to the internet or mobile device? Handwritten forms will still be available for technicians to record the data and enter it online when they regain access.
  2. The data on forms for three measures are no longer required (Air Source Heat Pumps, PTCS Duct Sealing, Prescriptive Duct Sealing). The data for all three of these forms have been aligned with online entry inputs. Further, an electronic acknowledgement box was added to replace a handwritten signature. The homeowner information and signature requirement were removed entirely.
    • The report that is generated by the registry including all the data inputs and status details will still be required. This is called the Registry Installation Report.
    • The Ground Source Heat Pump handwritten form was not aligned with the online entry inputs and will still be required.
Please see this update for more details. If you have any questions or concerns about the updates, please contact the PTCS team at ResHVAC@bpa.gov or 1-800-941-3867.

Please join us for an an informational webinar on April 26. Contact the PTCS team if you would like more details.
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