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What's new at Efficiency Exchange this year?

Created 3/2/2018 by Veronica Marzilli
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Thinking about attending Efficiency Exchange? This year, the day before EFX18 - on May 14  - you can join a lighting tour of downtown Tacoma, and a pre-conference social at the Swiss to get a head start on networking with your colleagues from utilities, BPA, the Council and NEEA. 

*NEW* Day 2 Workshops: 2:45-4 pm on May 16

And on the second day of the conference, get outside the usual conference session format and learn with us in an interactive workshop format, where you can connect with your counterparts at other utilities and get practical insights and ideas to take home with you. 

Workshop sessions are complimentary with your conference registration; however, you must register to secure your spot. Workshops are offered based on a minimum number of attendees, so sign up here today!

Read on for full descriptions of each workshop below:


In today’s increasingly fractured marketing world, the need to reach your audience at the right time, in the right place and with right message is fundamental to effective marketing efforts. But how do you know whom to target and with what message? And what mediums resonate the most with different audiences? In this workshop, participants will learn trends and best practices in digital marketing, and how and when to utilize it. Also, how to use research and data analytics to glean audience insights from which to build targeted marketing plans. Marketing professionals from regional utilities, energy efficiency organization and NEEA will share their experiences and lessons learned in identifying and connecting with underrepresented audiences – and provide actionable takeaways to address real-world marketing problems.


Ask not what evaluation is doing TO your programs; ask what evaluation can do FOR your programs. Gone are the days when hundreds of pages worth of evaluation reports sit unread on forgotten server locations! Rapid feedback, infographics, and continuous performance monitoring are here and now! In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to combine forces with similar functions to save time, frustration, and effort for everyone – all while maximizing the usefulness of results. This workshop will examine recent experiences of energy efficiency evaluation efforts that strive toward maximizing the value for program design and implementation by leveraging innovative data collection techniques, advanced data analytics, and user-friendly graphical presentations.


Utilities and customers are using more and more game changing equipment that is electronic, controllable, and changing constantly. Not all of us can be electrical engineers and IT experts, but we need to be able to understand choices and implications of these changes. During this round-robin session you’ll meet the experts who can make the complex understandable. Multiple topic tables will be set up and you can rotate to the topics most useful to you. When possible, demos and hands on opportunities will be available. They’ll describe the topic area, and then answer your questions and facilitate conversations. Topics will likely include things such as communication methods and protocols (WiFi, radio signal, AMI networks, Autogrid), smart connected devices and controls (thermostats, water heaters, luminaire level lighting control), demand response control technologies, metering methods (whole building, end uses, devices), and utility strategy choices relating to these issues.

NEW! HOT WATER FORUM-411: The Latest and Greatest From the Nation’s Premiere Hot Water Conference

Join 2018 Hot Water Forum presenters and attendees to discuss everything from Demand Response to innovative water heating technologies (electric and gas).

We're looking forward to a great event in Tacoma!

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