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Syllabus: Conduit ED Series on the Regional Technical Forum (RTF)

Created 5/11/2017 by Veronica Marzilli
Updated 6/27/2019 by Michele Francisco
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Curious about  the RTF and how it relates to EE in the Northwest? Well, we've got a great course in store for you. Over the next number of weeks, Conduit users will better understand what "RTF" stands for, how they come together to create a universal definition/cost (or baseline) for programs in the region, and help shape energy efficiency by feeding both utility measures and the Power Plan.

Conduit ED is inspired by the idea that every energy efficiency professional working in the Northwest can be empowered by a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of energy efficiency. This web-based educational program provides the Conduit community a unique and interactive educational resource. 

Class begins May 23, and each week there will be a new article on Conduit to read. Ask questions, leave comments and engage in discussion… and enjoy!

Here’s a sneak peek at what's ahead:

Week 1- RTF: The Origin Story

Week 2- Making a Measure

Week 3- Run, RTF, Run: What goes on at RTF Meetings

Week 4- What exactly do you mean by baseline?

Week 5- The RTF and the Power Plan  

Week 6- All are welcome here! Get involved with the RTF

Week 7- Wrap up and survey

We'll feature each article in our Conduit newsletter, and also add them to our Conduit ED: RTF Series page as they post!

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