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Database or spreadsheet or combination there of?

Created 1/7/2015 by David Shepherd-Gaw
Updated 1/26/2015 by Swaminathan Balakrishnan
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Is this group still active?

I've been exploring ideas and looking to find something that is efficient, user-friendly and manageable to our internal and external needs.

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Ben Fowler on 01/08/15 on 08:07 PM (Pacific Time)
Hi David. The group is inactive at this point. Michael Frank from Tacoma Power started it but I don't believe it ever took off. I'd love to see that change. Maybe some folks in the group will chime in. Is your question specific to conservation data tracking/reporting?
David Shepherd-Gaw on 01/12/15 on 08:33 AM (Pacific Time)
It is solely focused on energy efficiency/conservatoin data. I have explored a couple of options and we have one in the works, but have reservations about its usability and usefulness.
Ben Fowler on 01/12/15 on 01:10 PM (Pacific Time)
Gotcha. I'll try and promote this discussion question out more broadly as I'm not sure the group members are still active...
Michael Frank on 01/12/15 on 03:16 PM (Pacific Time)
Hi David,

The group does appear to be inactive.  I would've thought there would be interest in the topic, but I was wrong.  There may be another Conduit group that covers a similar subject, but I haven't searched for one.

Here at Tacoma Power we currently have an RFP on the street to replace our existing conservation data tracking systems.  Our current system is comprised of Access databases and spreadsheets, and is quite unwieldly.  There are many vendors out there that have conservation tracking software, so we will be evaluating what is available. 

I wouldn't recommend using a spreadsheet for tracking anything but the most simple items.  Depending on how complicated your data tracking needs are, you could use MS Access as the front end, and SQL Server as the back end.  That gets more complicated, but for valuable data I'd recommend something along those lines.
Swaminathan Balakrishnan on 01/26/15 on 03:36 PM (Pacific Time)

At ANB Systems we have created a software tool called eTRACK for tracking conservation programs. It is a tool that is good for both large and small program administrators. Please take a look at www.anbsystems.com and drop me a mail at bala@anbsystems.com if you are interested in a demo.


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