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Save the Date -- Efficiency Connections NW and the Energy Efficiency Utility Summit to be held together in May 2013

Created 1/16/2013 by David Moody
Updated 1/17/2013 by Teeraphan Chavanachat
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Hi All,

It's official, BPA and NEEA will be joining forces in a shared conference this May.  I included the body of the announcement below.  I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on how to make this greater than the sum of its parts.

If there’s one thing we all know in this day and age, it is that we need to shepherd our resources and ensure we’re providing value.  One consistent suggestion that keeps coming up on how NEEA and BPA can make better use of our stakeholder’s time and more effectively use regional resources:  host a shared energy efficiency conference.


Public Power, IOUs, and regional stakeholders agree that while there is tremendous value in BPA’s Energy Efficiency Utility Summit and NEEA’s Efficiency Connections NW, combining the two would conserve their customers’ resources and make for greater engagement and more learning.  So this year NEEA and BPA will join forces and hold a single annual event that brings together the best of Efficiency Connections NW and the Energy Efficiency Utility Summit. 


We’re planning this new joint conference for May 14 – 16 in Portland, Oregon.  By working together we can create an event that will deliver a better opportunity for learning and allow for more connection with peers and conserve regional resources.  More details will follow in the coming weeks.



Karen Meadows

BPA, Deputy Director of Energy Efficiency


Susan Stratton

NEEA, Executive Director

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Comments (1)
Teeraphan Chavanachat on 01/17/13 on 02:37 PM (Pacific Time)
Since all or most of the NW utility representatives will be attending the Summit, and the most frequent complaint from our trade allies is the utility energy efficiency incentive or rebate forms are very difficult to fill out and vastly different between each utility. I am not sure that PSE, SnoPud, Seattle City Light, & Tacoma Power are still working together to standardize the lighting rebate forms. We should have a forum on this topic. If ASHRAE & ANSI can resolve building automation communication system between different manufacturers with BACnet protocol, the BPA, NEEA and NW utilities should be able to...