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Tax Credit Updates

Created 1/29/2015 by Hot Water Solutions
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Federal Tax Credit for 2014 installations

Congress passed legislation that retroactively extends federal residential energy efficiency tax credits to 2014 installations. Consumers who installed a DHP or HPWH in 2014 may be eligible for a tax credit of up to $300. Let your customers and installer partners know so they can take advantage of this extension. Learn more about the tax credits and eligibility requirements from ENERGY STAR®.


State Tax Credits

Oregon updated its residential energy efficiency tax credits for 2015. HPWH tax credits are now linked to the Northern Climate Specification, with up to $585 for Tier 1 and up to $985 for Tier 2. DHPs installed as the primary heating source in new or existing homes are eligible for a tax credit of up to $1,000 to $1,300, depending on the HSPF. Auxiliary applications—installations in previously under-conditioned spaces that have been converted to be part of the residential dwelling—are eligible for a tax credit of up to $625. To learn more about these credits and eligibility requirements, please visit Oregon’s Department of Energy here.


Montana’s energy conservation tax credit is available to homeowners who have installed a HPWH or DHP, with credits of up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for couples filing jointly. To learn more about this credit and eligibility requirements, please visit Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality here.


Please feel free to contact Smart Water Heat at info@smartwaterheat.org or the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project at info@goingductless.com with any questions.    




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