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A private group of utility energy efficiency engineers that desire to share ideas on how to collaborate and share ideas to further utility efforts at commercial and industrial energy efficiency in the Puget Sound region.

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This is a test announcement in the Roundtable Conduit community. Did you get an email notification of this?

What topics would you like to discuss?

To get the brainstorming started, here are some topics that were suggested at the last Roundtable meeting or we did not get to last time. What other topics would you like to see us discuss at the upcoming meeting?

  • Case Studies and discussion: Pay for Performance
  • Energy Management Analyst from SCL to talk about project implementation topics
  • Commercial Strategic Energy Management
  • Any new programs or ones we have not talked about in this forum that would be of interest to others?
  • New or challenging technical issues you have come across?
  • Any new insights on streamlining modeling or new software others should know about?

Put additional ideas or discussion about these in the comments below. Thanks.