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The purpose of the Natural Gas Advisory Committee (NGAC) is to provide NEEA with broad based advice, experience and guidance. The committee will work to reach consensus on the prioritization and advancement of market transformation natural gas programs to help steer NEEA’s work toward achievement of the organization’s strategic goals, priorities and objectives. 


This committee is a management advisory committee, providing support to the work of NEEA managers and other staff in its program development and implementation responsibilities. 


 Committee Members

Mike Bailey (Energy Trust of Oregon)
JP Batmale (Oregon Public Utility Commission)
Holly Braun (NW Natural)
Bradley Cebulko (Washington Utilities and Trasnportation Commission)
Monica Cowlishaw (Cascade Natural Gas)
Fred Gordon (Energy Trust of Oregon)
Gary Heikkinen (NW Natural)
Andy Hemstreet (Puget Sound Energy)
Rick Hodges (NW Natural)
Rem Husted (Puget Sound Energy)
Dan Johnson (Avista)
Kevin Keyt (Idaho Public Utilities Commission)
Dan Kirschner (Northwest Gas Association)
Cassandra Koerner (Idaho Public Utilities Commission)
Nolan Moser (Oregon Public Utilities Commission)
Jennifer Snyder (Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission)
Danielle Wensink (FortisBC Inc.)
Cooper Wright (Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission)
Deb Young (NorthWestern Energy)


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