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Monthly calls open to all NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) stakeholders and interested parties with the objective of

  1.  vetting NILM metrics and test protocols;
  2.  exploring utility use cases –mapping NILM characteristics and performance levels to each use case;
  3.  better understanding non-US products and use cases;
  4.  maintaining a list of NILM products, including overviews on new products
  5.  sharing field test results
  6.  informing future NILM projects, including surveys to provide feedback on projects
  7.  other


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We would like to have Conduit User Group monthly calls, where each member hosts a monthly call, talking about their product, interest or “use case” and answering any questions. PNNL has volunteered to be the lead on the first call. Here’s the link to the Conduit NILM Users Group: https://conduitnw.org/Pages/Group.aspx?rid=208 Please fill out this doodle poll by 2/5/16: http://doodle.com/poll/fh6q25unb4t8h4dz, and hopefully, we can find a time that works for most of you for these recurring monthly calls.