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(Regular updates of Building Operator Certification (BOC) Initiative & Milestones)

The Building Operator Certification (BOC®) program has been educating, training and certifying facility operators to perform energy-efficient operations and maintenance since 1997. The program originated in the Northwest with seed funding from NEEA and is mature and well recognized through the region with market awareness well over 50% among employers of building operators.

The BOC Expansion initiative highly leverages the existing BOC “product” and focuses on providing new channels to become aware of and access the proven product.   

The target market for this initiative is operating engineers and building technicians working in commercial and institutional facilities in the Northwest. Building Operator Certification (BOC) provides building operators with skill enhancement training to improve building energy performance through operation and maintenance practices for HVAC, lighting, and controls systems. Operators earn certification by attending technical training, completing tests, and performing energy-efficiency project assignments in their facilities. BOC serves the sectors of K-12, government, higher education, healthcare, commercial real estate, hospitality, and manufacturing.

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