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The Codes & Standards Group is for people interested in building energy code development, adoption and implementation and in energy efficiency standards processes and progress. As a member of the group, you’ll be notified periodically (not too often) of codes and standards news, including the nature of changes and upgrades, effective dates, expected regional energy savings, and how the changes may impact regional efficiency programs and initiatives. You’ll be able to ask questions and provide feedback for the processes. Occasionally we might even ask you for help in providing data that’s critical for enacting appropriate new codes and standards.

We won’t be tending the group site on a daily basis, but we’ll always be available by e-mail or phone to answer questions or concerns. Do let us know how we’re doing in keeping you informed on these important regional issues.

For energy code updates, click here.

For standards updates, click here.

For the NEEA Commercial Code Enhancement Program Design Group, click here.

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