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The NorthAmerican Utility Lighting Exchange (NULX, pronounced "new lux"), is a forum for leaders of commercial lighting utility incentive design and strategy throughout the US and Canada to:

  • Find common ground and speak with unified voice.
  • "Drive the bus" by providing consistent guidance and priorities to manufacturers, labs and national organizations.
  • Promote consistency among programs.
  • Share information and engage in open dialogue among members and with labs, manufacturers and others.

We meet quarterly (typically via webinars, and once per year in person) and exchange ideas and information between meetings via this member-only Conduit site.

Utility staff and their consultants who lead commercial lighting utility incentive design and strategy are encouraged to join by clicking the "Request to join this group" link below. You will first need to have a Conduit login, which you can create by clicking "Sign In" in the upper right corner of the screen. To receive notifications of files and discussions on this group, please ensure that your Settings in My Conduit are set correctly and add "Conduit <donotreply@conduitnw.org>" as a trusted email address.

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