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This group is a place to gather and collaborate on all things related to Air Northwest. Air Northwest is a no-cost membership network that will provide commercial HVAC trade allies with resources to grow their businesses by increasing the sales and installation of more energy efficient HVAC systems and equipment. 

Members, known as Air Allies, receive exclusive educational opportunities and personalized resources that build the foundation to help them provide utility incentives to their commercial customers.

Air Northwest is sponsored by Bonneville Power Administration and the Northwest Public Utilities and is the premier resource for commercial HVAC energy efficiency information.

Air Northwest group manager is Joel Arken (joel.s.arken@lmco.com). 




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We are excited to announce that Air Northwest is officially here! Air Northwest is a no-cost resource for the commercial HVAC industry sponsored by the Bonneville Power Administration and the Northwest public utilities. Visit www.airnorthwesthvac.com and sign up to become an Air Ally today!

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