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The purpose of the committee is to provide NEEA with broad-based advice, experience and feedback.  This feedback will be used to influence NEEA’s work toward achievement of the organization’s strategic goals, priorities and objectives. 

Four key objectives of this Committee are:

1.  Advise NEEA about sector strategies, including future direction of the initiatives, product and service development, and yearly implementation activity.

2.  Share experiences and advance understanding of how NEEA and utilities, public benefits administrators and key stakeholders best work together to leverage resources and results.

3.  Inform the Committee members' organizations on NEEA strategies.

4.  Provide a forum for information exchange within the region on sector program activities and interests and opportunities for collaboration.

Committee Members 
Pamela Barrow (Northwest Food Processors Association)
Chao Chen (Puget Sound Energy)
Rich Cole (Grant County PUD)
Lindsey Diercksen (Energy Trust of Oregon)
Nancy Goddard (Pacific Power)
Natasha Houldson (Tacoma Power)
Terry McKenzie (Grant County PUD)
Jessica Mitchell (Snohomish County PUD)
Andy Paul (Avista Utilities)
Kevin Smit (Northwest Power and Conservation Council)
Doug Swier (Cowlitz County PUD)
Randy Thorn (Idaho Power)
Zeecha Van Hoose (Clark Public Utilities)
Jim White (Chelan County PUD)
Deb Young (NorthWestern Energy)

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