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Field Test of Roof Top Unit Replacement with Heat Recovery Ventilation and Variable-capacity Heat Pumps

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10/1/2016 - 9/30/2019
Created 6/6/2017 by Tyler Dillavou
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): Bonneville Power Administration
Primary: Craig Volz, cdvolz@bpa.gov
Product Components
Very High Efficiency DOAS
Project Objectives: This ET Field Test could fully fund up to 4 Rooftop Unit (RTU) Replacements to Heat Recovery Ventilation plus Variable Capacity Heat Pumps (HRV + VCHP), using simplified grants and custom project incentives. This ET Field Test will research cost effectiveness, with the intent to do more projects and develop a simple custome project path.
Current Project Phase: Active
Current Project Status: In flight
Project Outcome: Savings report and project observations
Notes on Project Outcome: The expected results from this project include the following: HRV and VC HP system cost effectiveness information; System performance data; Verification that whole-building billing analysis is an adequate methodology to measure savings, and Identification of best practices for installation and commissioning based on feedback from the owner, utility, designer, contractor and occupants. Demonstration will inform future streamlined custom measures.
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