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Commercial and Industrial Compressor Market Memo

Active 1021_Comme_501
10/1/2020 - 10/31/2021
Created 10/7/2021 by Nicky Dunbar
Updated 10/7/2021 by Nicky Dunbar
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): NEEA, Cadeo
Primary: Nicole Dunbar
Product Components
Rotary Air Compressors
Project Objectives: This project is an initial assessment of the air compressors market in the Northwest and recommendations for further research into energy savings potential.  The research consists of a review of air compressor products in the NW, assessment of available technologies, initial review of high level savings opportunities, and overview of key market characteristics. 
Current Project Phase: Active
Current Project Status: Final draft of the memo has been provided and project will wrap up by end of October, 2021.
Project Outcome: Not Specified
Notes on Project Outcome: N/A
Additional Information
Attached Files
Interested / Collaborative RETAC Organizations
Project Geography
Pacific Northwest
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