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Energy 350 Office HVAC System Upgrade to VHE-DOAS

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10/1/2020 - 12/31/2021
Created 10/20/2020 by Jeffrey Rigotti
Updated 4/13/2021 by Jeffrey Rigotti
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): Energy 350, NEEA, JB Oregon, Ventacity
Primary: Jeff Rigotti
Secondary: Mark Rehley
Project Objectives: Energy 350 is one of NEEA's key energy efficiency engineering consultant partners and has been supporting and advocating for NEEA's VHE-DOAS program for over 2 years.

When the lease came up for Energy 350's office, located in inner SE Portland, they were able to negotiate an upgrade to their HVAC system through involvement of the building owner, the equipment manufacturer, the distributor, the contracter and NEEA to specify a new system that exactly follows NEEA's VHE-DOAS system requirements. This is a great win for both Energy 350 and NEEA and the project objectives are provided below:
The design fully meets NEEA’s Very High Efficiency DOAS requirements, as well as being refined enough to be a worthy showcase system for NEEA's funders, as well as building owners who are considering upgrading their HVAC systems to the VHE DOAS.
  • The new system will also provide ongoing, detailed data monitoring, including:
    • Energy, indoor air temperature, Relative Humidity, CO2 and Heat Recovery Ventilator performance
  • Data analysis and energy savings comparing the existing system to the all new VHE-DOAS replacement system
  • The intent is for this to be a showcase system and  would accommodate in-depth system tours to NEEA, our utility funders and potential VHE DOAS market actors
Current Project Phase: Active
Current Project Status: The Energy 350 Office VHE-DOAS is fully installed and up and running. As the COVID restrictions are hopefully relaxed as we progress through the year, we will be able to showcase this installation to our utility partners as well as to HVAC designers and commercial building owners considering similar systems. Please take a look at a time lapse video of the installation process, which can be viewed here:

Project Outcome: Not Specified
Notes on Project Outcome: N/A
Additional Information
VHE DOAS - Project Screening Checklist    
Directions: Input Design Data in Column C. Compliance with program requirements is verfied in column D.  
HRV REQUIREMENTS Input Instructions Design Inputs Compliance
Qualified Product Select Model of ERV/HRV Ventacity VS1000 Rth Complies
Input Design Supply Airflow of ERV/HRV (CFM) 750
Sensible Recovery Effectiveness at design conditions (75% @ design flow AHRI OR PHI) HRV/ERV sensible effectiveness at design conditions 84% Complies
Fan Efficacy at design flow: >1.3 CFM/W Enter total HRV/ERV bhp (supply + exhaust) 0.411903485 2.22   CFM/W
Include variable speed fans Yes - Variable speed fans included No - Equipment does not include variable speed fans Yes Complies
Filters: MERV 13 Supply Air Yes - Filter Requirements are met No - Filter Requirements are not met Yes Complies
Defrost Control: Managed for design temperature Select defrost control strategy used Modulating electric preheat Complies
PROJECT REQUIREMENTS Input Instructions    
Decoupled ventilation supply Select mode of delivery of ventilation air to occupied spaces Ventilation air delivered directly to space Complies
Primary Heating/Cooling System: Allowable systems: VRF, GSHP/GWHP, Air-Water Heat Pump (Hydronic Systems) Select heating/cooling system VRF System Type Complies. Verify that system efficiency meets requirements
Primary Heating/Cooling System: > 600 SF/Ton Sizing (CZ 5&6) >750 SF/Ton Sizing (CZ 4) OR Loads analysis to support system sizing Nominal System Cooling Capacity (Tons) 10 794 SF/Ton
Conditioned Square footage served by heating/cooling equipment 7937 Complies
Note: The above requirements are a summary only.   Detailed VHE DOAS System requirements can be found here: https://betterbricks.com/resources/very-high-efficiency-doas-system-requirements
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