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Non-Glass Secondary Window Materials Assessment

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5/1/2019 - 12/31/2021
Created 4/12/2019 by Mark Rehley
Updated 2/12/2021 by Mark Rehley
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): NEEA
Primary: John Jennings
Secondary: Mark Rehley
Funding: Scoping and project design funded, Implementation funding will begin in Q1 2021
Product Components
Secondary Windows
Project Objectives:

Assess the energy savings and product performance as well as occupant acceptance of  suspended film and rigid plastic panes in secondary windows.

Current Project Phase: Active
Current Project Status: Scoping and research design completed by PNNL to test in-place, on an occupied building with a test office and control office, using suspended films, rigid plastic, and potentially the hard-coat, washable Low-e Surface Applied Films. Testing will evaluate technical, qualitative, and product “fit for use” performance including visual, sound and comfort impacts. The testing will occur for summer and winter periods through seasonal changes and temperature extremes. In discussion on selected sites.
Project Outcome: Not Specified
Notes on Project Outcome: N/A
Additional Information
Exploring test sites in Seattle an Tacoma - office spaces
Attached Files
Interested / Collaborative RETAC Organizations
Project Geography
Washington (test sites)
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