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SaltX Combination Heating Water and Space Heating System

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Created 12/27/2018 by Jeffrey Rigotti
Updated 1/17/2019 by Dave Kresta
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): NEEA
Primary: Jeff Rigotti
Project Objectives: Rheem and SaltX are collaborating to develop a commercially viable natural gas combination space and water heating system (also referred to as a “gas combi system”). NEEA has provided a grant of funds to SaltX to accelerate the development of a gas combi system product. NEEA's contribution is a small part of a larger, $2M DOE funded project.

Rheem and SaltX have agreed to perform various activities related to the development and testing of a gas combi system. The following outcomes are projected for the SaltX Gas Combi System Project:
1. Product design and testing will include design revision and proof-of-concept prototype manufacturing.
2. Lab testing and safety review of proof-of-concept prototypes at a Rheem facility.
3. Complete field testing of proof-of-concept prototypes, including installing, monitoring, collection, and analysis of data

The SaltX system utilizes a nano-coated Salt in their Salt-based vapor adsorption module heat pump and is packaged as a gas heat pump combination system.
Current Project Phase: Active
Current Project Status: Not Specified
Project Outcome: Not Specified
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Sweden and Atlanta, GA
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