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Sanden Eco Runo demonstration project

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1/1/2017 - 1/31/2021
Created 5/2/2017 by Dave Kresta
Updated 1/18/2021 by Christopher Dymond
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): NEEA
Primary: Christopher Dymond - NEEA
Project Objectives:

Field trial of CO2 heat pump based hydronic space and water heating solutions using the Sanden Ecoruno product. The project was a follow-on from a BPA Technical Innovation Project based on smaller Sanden heat pumps for domestic water heating.  This system uses large 3-Ton CO2 heat pumps in with a hydronic FAF and domestic water tank to do both space and water heating. Nine systems were installed and data collected over 2-years. 

Current Project Phase: Completed
Current Project Status: Q2 2020 --- ACEEE paper published
Q3 2020 --- Wrapping up transfer of ownership agreements. NEEA is offering a settlement payment to each participants to address uncertainty of EcoRuno and lack of ability to service the unit. Each homeowner is being contacted to ensure they have at least some idea of what they will do when the EcoRuno unit fails (as all HVAC equipment eventually does)
Q4 2020 - Project report completed
Q1 2021 - Project report published (pending)
Project Outcome: Research Questions DISPROVEN
Notes on Project Outcome:

Sanden EcoRuno was never fully commercialized for the US market and the product was discontinued. Equivalent products of similar capacity have not arrived in the US market, but are still available in Europe and Japan. Much of the field experience was lost due to the passing of Ken Eklund in 2018.

Projects worked well. 
-  EcoRuno performed with COP values consistent with laboratory testing
-  The system level COP was not as good as expected - mostly because of high standby losses .

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